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Lake Fork fishing report / East texas

Lake Fork fishing report / East texas

LAKE FORK – Water level is 4.65 feet low and muddy up north, clearer down south. Water temp in the upper 50s.
Lake Fork Fishing guide Gary Paris says bass are good on square bills, lizards and wacky worms worked around secondary points in 1-6 feet of water . The shallow bite should improve significantly with the warming trend.
Channel cat are excellent on punch bait and cut shad fished in shallow water. There also are some fish hanging deeper along channel breaks in 20-25 feet. Crappie are good at the bridge crossings, mainly on jigs and shiners. Paris says there also should be some fish moving the towards the backs of creeks with the warming trend.

TOLEDO BEND- Water level is 4.26 feet low and on a fast rise. Water clarity is stained in the backs of major creeks. Water temp is in the low 60s.
Fishing guide Danny Iles says bass fishing has been excellent. A variety of baits are working along new growth shore grass and inside grass lines. Soft jerk baits, Texas rigs and spinnerbaits have been very effective from the bank out to eight feet.
Crappie fishing has been good down south, especially after warming trends. Iles says the best bite has been on jigs and Roadrunners fished slowly around shallow grass in the backs pockets.
Catfish are on a tear up north. Rhonda Shively at Bill’s Landing says trotliners are reporting good numbers of blues in the 40-50 pound range, mainly on cut shad. Getting bait in perch traps has been a problem. White bass are good up the Sabine.
SAM RAYBURN – Water level is 4.88 feet low and on a rise. Water clarity is stained, in the low 60s.
Lake regular Danny Iles says the bass bite has been tough overall, but should improve with the warming trend. A 25-pound sack won the Texas Team Trail over the weekend, but weights dropped quickly after that. Iles says the best numbers are coming on Senkos and jerkbaits. Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits are producing the better quality fish.
Crappie fishing has been good on small jigs, spinners and Roadrunners fished over shallow grass. White bass are fair to good up the Angelina.
PALESTINE – Water level is 1.96 feet low and on a rise. Water temp in the upper 50s, low 60s. Water clarity is stained up north, clearer down south.
Bass fishing has been good up north using Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and cranks around new growth grass on shallow flats adjacent to channel breaks, 1-3 feet. Carolina rigs are producing good numbers of small fish dragged on old roadbeds in 2-5 feet.
Crappie anglers picking up partial limits at the Highway 155 crossing; a few good reports coming from the backs of pockets around shallow debris. Catfish are good on punch bait and cut shad fished in skinny water on wind blown points. Brush piles also are producing fish.
PINKSTON – Water level jumped significantly with heavy rains, about two feet below normal and rising. Water clarity is stained up the creeks, clearer on the main lake.
Fishing guide Alan Spruiell says bass are good to seven pounds on Brush Hogs and other plastics pitched around stumps in seven feet of water. Spruiell is using a light weight to get a slow fall. Crappie are slow.
ATHENS – Water level is 2.49 feet low and stained. Water temp is in the low 60s.
Jerry Hanson at Lake Athens Marina says crappie fishing has been outstanding. Lots of limits reported on live shiners fished beneath a cork around hydrilla beds six feet deep or less.
Bass has been good to eight pounds. Best bite has been coming on small cranks and Rat-L-Traps worked around outside grass edges in 4-8 feet. Red has been the hot color.
RICHLAND CHAMBERS – RC is 1.99 feet low and stained. Water temp is in upper 50s, low 60s.
Larry Winters at Midway Landing says bass fishing has been good to six pounds. Best bite is coming spinnerbaits, square bills, Texas rigs and buzz baits fished from the bank out to four feet. Crappie are fair up the creeks in skinny water using live shiners.
Catfish are good on rod and reel using punch bait in 12-15 feet of water. White bass have slowed down somewhat. Best bite is around windy points and humps in 18-25 feet using slabs.
CEDAR CREEK – Water level is 1.84 feet low and muddy. Water temp is in the upper 50s.
Fishing guide Jason Barber says white bass, hybrids, crappie, catfish and bass are holding shallow, six feet or less. Black bass are taking spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits and Texas rigs fished around new growth vegetation and boat docks. Crappie are holding in the same areas.
Blue cat are good on cut shad and punch bait fished on windy banks. White bass and hybrids are hitting cut shad and Rat-L-Traps.
NACOGDOCHES – Water level is 6.66 feet low and rising. Water clarity is stained, in the low 60s.
Bass are fair to three pounds, but hard to pattern with the absence of hydrilla. Rising, warming water should lure some fish to the new growth vegetation up north, but muddy conditions could make for a tough bite.
No report on crappie.

East Texas Fishing Report
by Matt Williams
Outdoors Writer

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