What Should I Bring For My Trip

Definitely weather appropriate gear - I can provide rain gear we get wet weather. It can feel a lot cooler on the lake in colder months, so please pack on the layers - you can always take them off, but keeping warm is important. Other items include:
  • Sunglasses (Polarized are best)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat (this is really important)
  • Fishing Rods (or I can provide if you let me know)
  • Favorite lures (only if you want, otherwise, I'll provide all artificial lures)
  • Camera (or I'll take photos and email them to you)
  • Fishing License - call me for more information on obtaining one if you need

Do You Provide Rods and Reels?

I suggest that you bring your own rods and reels, but I can provide them for you if you let me know. I'll also provide a cooler full of ice and artificial lures.

Do you provide lodging?

No, but there are several marinas on Lake Fork that offer a comfortable night's stay and good meals.

What should I expect over the course of the day

We'll start out by meeting at one of the local marinas. We'll be on the water shortly after daybreak and continue until lunchtime. For lunch, I highly suggest we break at a nearby marina for a hot meal and a few minutes away from the boat. Although you may bring a lunch to eat on the boat, I've found that the day is most enjoyable with the break at the marina. The day will end (for full day trips) at 5pm.

Can I mount any big fish I catch?

Certainly - but I suggest a replica rather than a traditional mounted fish. In this process, we take precise measurements, photos, and other information about the fish you catch. We then release that fish back into the lake to live a full life. After your trip, you can take the information we collected and have an exact replica of your catch made for hanging on the wall. This replica will not deteriorate like normal taxidermy, making it a mount that truly lasts a lifetime.

Do you offer trips for fish other than Bass?

Yes, please visit www.lakefork-guides.com for information on catfish, crappie, and white bass fishing.